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One of the perks of my new job is that I start very early, on the 9th floor of a building that faces east.

For the first time in my life, I’m regularly watching sunrises (and moonsets!) Over the last 11 weeks I’ve gotten to see the progress of the sun across the horizon and experience firsthand the mornings getting earlier. Just after the switch to daylight saving time, the sun came up as late as 7:30. This morning it was peeking over the horizon as I sat down at my desk at 6:30. It’s shifted quite a good distance North on the horizon as well.

I’ve been incorporating this into my magical practice each day, as a way to stay connected to my path in what is otherwise a pretty standard business office (where I am not and have no desire to be publicly pagan).

Nobody questions my taking a few moments to have tea and watch the sun come up – probably because very few people are here that early, but that’s beside the point…

For awhile I was doing a formal practice as well ( Paul Hume’s Wiccan LBRP), sneaking into a conference room so I could have a place with a door, but after a few close calls, I’ve mostly had to stop that and settle on something I can just do in my head as a morning devotion.

It’s a little weird to think that my best full-moon time is enjoyed at 5am, just as the moon is setting, but I’ve definitely enjoyed being more in tune with the solar rhythm.

Summer is coming!

(or may already be here, by the temperatures we’ve had recently!)


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I’m never sure how to do a “first post”, so here’s a token one.

I’m the River Daughter, a 20 something living in south-east Texas, married, caretaker to two cats, and putting the spurs to a five-plus-year dabble into the Pagan and (neo) Wiccan path. I started looking into Earth-Centered Religion back when I was in College, and things before that are ancient history I’ll unpack another time.

I’ve followed the wheel of the year, and celebrated the cycles of the moon, but I’ve done a lot more reading and a lot less doing, trying to figure out where and how I fit into this thing.

This year at Beltane I did a self-dedication Ritual – the kind of thing where I basically said “Ok, here I am, I want to do this for real, this is me calling on my Year and a Day”, even though I know it’ll take way longer than that.

Since then things have been a lot more secure (go figure, asking the Gods for help gets you help!), and I’ve recently started Roderick’s Wicca: A Year and a Day, since my attempts to find a local teacher have been unsuccessful as yet. I figure if I can’t find a “real” teacher, I’ll just stick with what I can find online and in books that have a more traditional bent.

I’ve read the usual suspects: Starhawk, the Farrars, Cunningham, Valiente, and others, and I’m finding I like some of the elements of Traditional Wicca, so starting there seems to make sense. I won’t know if I’ll fit into a BTW coven until I actually FIND one, but for now I like the more traditional authors (and online communities) quite a bit.

What you’ll find here is… well, who knows, just yet.

I needed an outlet, a place to talk about this whole Pagan and Wiccan thing since I’m firmly in the Broom Closet (and intend to stay that way).

Community is important, and there are some amazing Pagan and Wiccan folks on the internet. Hopefully I can find my own little place among them.

I read a lot of blogs and am a big fan of a number of excellent podcasts, but I’m not very good at social networks, so you won’t find me on Facebook or Covenspace or Paganspace or whatever it is that’s the big thing now. I’m here or on email (riverdaughterblog at gmail).


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